Stop Smoking Now

You’ve tried the other methods. Now try the most effective way to quit smoking–hypnosis. Hypnosis was rated number one for smoking cessation in an exhaustive 1993 study that compared 15 different methods.*

This complete Stop Smoking Series contains the same Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques and post-hypnotic suggestions that I’ve used to help thousands of people quit smoking.

So get ready to leave this habit behind–and gain control over your life again.

For best results, listen to the sessions in order of their presentation, and unless you don’t drink, then all four are recommended for lasting results.

Available MP3s:

Note: Please check with your doctor before starting any exercise or weight loss program. Do not listen to these sessions while driving or operating heavy machinery. For best results, listen to them when you can be alone and are able to relax and completely focus on the session.