Conquer Your Fear of Flying with Hypnosis

Over the years I’ve helped hundreds of people overcome their fear of flying with hypnosis. In fact, this is an issue that  responds well to hypnosis.

Imagine being able to:

  • Fly without fear
  • Relax and enjoy the ride
  • Read, watch movies, engage in conversations
  • Go where you want to go
  • Travel to see distance family & friends & places
  • Enjoy your honeymoon without worrying about the flight
  • Ignore turbulence
  • Take flying for granted
  • Travel for business without fear

You can fly without fear again.

My experience with clients is that if you have an imagination vivid enough to scare yourself, you have an imagination vivid enough to be able to overcome this fear.

In general, most people who struggle with this issue are imagining the worst case scenarios.  For instance, you might fear that the plane will crash. Or the mechanics missed something important. Or you take any normal turbulence as a sign of impending disaster. Many feel trapped and out of control while flying. What happens if I can’t get out?

You are literally scaring yourself into your fears. The good news? Hypnosis can break these repetitive thoughts and help you feel safe and comfortable while flying.

Under trance, I can use that great imagination of yours to help you overcome your fear of flying. In fact, many of my clients report that they now actually enjoy the experience of flying. They now ignore any turbulence, view it as white noise, and are able to read, watch movies, and engage in conversations as if they were on a train or bus.

“Rebecca — I am emailing you from an extremely turbulent flight heading to Tucson.  I’ve been meaning to email you for weeks!  I want to express my gratitude to you for your help in overcoming my fear of flying.  I’ve found that I am actually enjoying flights now.  If you told me that I would enjoy flights at our first session I would not believe you.  In fact, I am enjoying flights so thoroughly now that I am beginning to scare my husband :). My husband and I traveled to Barcelona recently and the plane suddenly dropped (according to my husband).  As I’ve shared with you before, he is a great flier and he suddenly screamed!  I did not even notice any change in altitude! Thank you so much for your help!  I really appreciate it!” Justyna Della Valle 4/8/11

How are such dramatic transformations achieved?

It’s important to silence your inner fear-monger.

To start with, I use relaxation techniques to help quell your fears and lower stress about life in general, because every issue gets better when we do this.

Then suggestions are given to counteract the repetitive thoughts and beliefs you’ve been telling yourself. For instance, if you are fearful of turbulence, I suggest that “turbulence goes with the turf, it’s just white noise, you ignore it,” and so on. Your individual thoughts and triggers will be addressed under trance.

I also use a startle technique to help you stop listening to your inner fear-monger, that voice in your head that is scaring you.

My program also includes some powerful NLP techniques to help you “reframe” how you feel about flying, so that you associate it with something pleasurable. This can greatly diminish fear.

Depending upon the complexity and intensity of your fear, 4 sessions are generally recommended for this issue.

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Actual Client Experience:

“First off I wanted to let you know that I flew this week and I thoroughly enjoyed it!! I was totally relaxed and unafraid. In fact on the flight home I was so relaxed that I did not even notice that there was a medical emergency on board. I’m not kidding – I missed the whole drama, the flight attendants running down the aisle with their emergency equipment, etc. Isn’t that funny? I was absorbed in my book and just mellow. And I loved the feeling of being up in the air. Even the turbulence, taking off and landing were totally fine – exciting, even. This is life-changing for me. Thank you so much.”  Ellen C.

Letter from client:
“Rebecca, I wanted to let you know about my latest flying experience.  I did the two hypnosis sessions with you a month before flying. I also listened to the CD about five times before flying.
I was still nervous the upcoming days before flying.  I wasn’t sure if hypnosis even worked.  I normally would take several zanex pills before and during my flight.  I would still get severe panic attacks.  The morning of my flight, I woke up relaxed.  About two hours before take off, I took half of a zanex. Right before boarding, I took the other half.
The flight was totally fine.  During takeoff, I was relaxed.  I slept most of the flight and had no panic attack.  Landing was the same, I was fine.  I actually enjoyed my vacation up until the day I had to fly home.  The flight home was the same. I wanted to thank you so much.  I never thought I would be able to fly without panic again.  Im very happy and proud of myself.”  Sheila M.