High angle view of loving family sleeping in bed together

“Wow! This really worked! I am now getting a solid 7 to 8 hours of sleep and feel like myself again.” Brian R.

Happy Surprises & Beneficial Side Effects

“Hi Rebecca. You helped me quit smoking with hypnosis two years ago, but I still use your hypnosis CDs to sleep at night. They’re better than any pill I’ve ever taken. Within a few minutes, hypnosis has me in a deep sleep.”           Susan D.

Sleeping better is the No. 1 side effect of our sessions.

Clients repeatedly tell me that they are sleeping better, often more soundly and peacefully than they have in years. They attribute much of it to the recording of their session (it seems the recordings really do put them to sleep), but I believe they are also sleeping better because of the strong suggestions for overall relaxation and well-being, and self-esteem. They report this regardless of whether we work on smoking cessation, weight loss, test anxiety, irrational fears, drinking, or letting go of a lost love.

Other side benefits clients report:

  • Spontaneous pain relief
  • A more positive, relaxed attitude
  • Getting along better with co-workers, spouse, children
  • Memory and concentration improved
  • Road rage disappears
  • Increased patience, tolerance
  • Less worry and negativity
  • More energy
  • Picking up old hobbies
  • Many start dating again
  • Actively go after their goals

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