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Fall Training Workshop

Live your dreams, help others and earn over $100K a year.

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Upcoming Hypnosis Certification Training Dates 2014:

The course is held on consecutive weekends at The Chicago Public Library

Saturdays from 9am-5pm, Sundays from 1-5pm.

This course is for you if:

*You have always been fascinated by hypnosis, and would like in-depth training on the process.

*You would like a career that is both emotionally, financially and intellectually rewarding. Qualified hypnotherapists can charge $150 an hour or more. Many in this profession earn an annual income of $100K or more.

*You would like to use hypnosis to help yourself, friends and family members

*You like the idea of being your own boss and having your own practice/business

*You would like to add hypnosis to your existing practice. Perhaps you are a massage therapist,doctor, nurse, psychotherapist or other health care professional who would like to add hypnosis skills to your practice.

*You are already a certified hypnotherapist, but have yet to launch your practice, and would like to refresh/update your skills.

Each workshop is ten days long, and consists of 8-hour days. For ten days, you will be immersed in hypnosis, and you will have  ample time to learn, absorb and practice the information.  You will also receive a copy of the Powerpoint Presentation for your review if you have to miss a day.

To be successful as a hypnotist, you need to gain experience hypnotizing others and working with different types of people and their issues. By spreading this course out over several weeks, you have time to integrate what you’ve learned in the classroom.

If you have to miss a workshop, you will be provided with the PowerPoint Presentation Notes and the opportunity to attend the day you missed in any upcoming workshops. If you have any questions about what you’ve missed, feel free to call or email me at any time.

The better your training, the better your odds of success.

It is no secret that the quality of your training will directly impact your success. Hypnosis is an exciting and rewarding career, but like any profession, to be successful requires more than just knowledge of the basics and a few scripts.

You need hands-on, experiential training under the supervision of an experienced practitioner. Your training should be taught by someone who has been successful in this field, and can offer the insight and guidance you need to build and sustain a profitable practice.

About Your Instructor

Rebecca Lauer has had a successful, full-time thriving practice for nearly 15 years, with a high referral rate from both clients as well as medical professionals and therapists. People from all over the world have sought out her services, and her work has been written up in The Chicago Tribune, Today’s Chicago Woman, the Red Eye, CBS2 News, as well as Northwestern University and Colombia College newspapers. So you’ll be learning from someone with a strong, proven track record in the profession.

Beyond the Basics.

In this course you will move way beyond standardized, one size fits all scripts, and learn to craft a powerful, personalized session. One that gets results. Boosts referrals. And builds your practice.

You will learn how to customize and personalize each session to the client for maximum effectiveness. You’ll  learn how to build rapport with a client, earn their trust, and more.

You will learn how to really listen and probe a client’s mind, so that you can quickly identify what suggestions and techniques to use. This training has a cognitive-behavioral focus, as well as a “mindfulness” approach. In other words, what is a client telling himself NOW or what does he believe NOW that is causing the difficulty. Other techniques will be discussed, but the primary focus is on changing beliefs quickly, right now, for rapid results.

You will experience hypnosis yourself throughout the class, and gain experience hypnotizing others. Live demonstrations will be followed by question and answer sessions. You will learn by role-playing and seeing different inductions and techniques demonstrated. Of course, you will also learn the basics. The primary goal of the course is to help you gain mastery and confidence in hypnotizing yourself and others.

How to build a successful, full-time practice.

If you have explored hypnosis in the Chicago area and attended several meetings or conventions, then you may already know that the vast majority of people never get past part-time practices. Many attend different seminars and trainings year after year, are eager and sincere, yet are never able to launch a viable practice. It is my desire to help you avoid this fate and move quickly towards success.

There is no reason why a city the size of Chicago should not have hundreds of thriving consulting hypnotists, just as it has hundreds of prosperous therapists, psychiatrists, massage therapists, personal trainers and social workers. Currently, there are only about several dozen or so prosperous hypnotherapists in the entire Chicago area, so the field is still open and ripe with opportunity. Clearly, some of the available training is failing too many people, and more is needed. Hypnosis Chicago Certification hopes to remedy this.

Here’s a brief sample of what you’ll learn:

*What hypnosis is…and what it isn’t

*How the mind works

*The difference between the conscious and subconscious minds

*Reviews of some of the latest scientific studies from Harvard and Stanford, as well as up-to-date clinical studies on the efficacy of hypnosis on everything from pain management to mood disorders and more – ammunition you can use to sell clients on the effectiveness of hypnosis, and educate other health care professionals about hypnosis.

*How to hypnotize almost everyone in the first session

*Powerful, effective inductions

*Suggestibility testing

*History of hypnosis

*Who are the “high hypnotizables” and those who are more challenging to hypnotize?

*When hypnosis isn’t indicated

*How to do self-hypnosis

*Creating positive expectations

*Understanding the power of beliefs and why knowing how to change and erase negative beliefs is so critical to succeeding with clients

*Hypnotic language and how to craft affirmations and suggestions

*Basics of establishing rapport with NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) techniques

*Using NLP to boost results

*How to successfully structure smoking, weight loss, and stress management sessions

*Access to Rebecca Lauer’s most successful techniques and exercises

*Practicing within your parameters

*Guild-approved language & policies

*Legal aspects of practicing hypnosis

*Session forms, notes, planning future sessions

*Setting up a successful practice

*Utilizing current technology in your practice

*Marketing your practice today

*Possibilities of practice…

Upon Graduation, Your Certification Includes:

*Professional training and instruction materials

*A One-Year Membership in The National Guild of Hypnotists

*A subscription to The Journal of Hypnotism and The Hypnogram

*Access to the annual Hypnosis Educational Conference

*Referrals through the NGH website

*Video and Audio rental library for members only

*Legislative updates and support

*Access to affordable malpractice insurance

*Access to group health insurance

*Your local chapter meetings

*Updates from industry leaders on upcoming workshops

For information on tuition and fees, click here or see page on Tuition