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“Dawn Lannacone here writing to tell you that January 27, 2010 marks my three year anniversary without a cigarette! Thanks to you this has been possible. Life is a whole lot easier as a nonsmoker. I can finally own up to the fact that I feel better, (smell better) and am just overall pleased that I don’t smoke. Thanks again.”   Dawn Lannacone

“My wife didn’t believe that I haven’t had a cigarette all week, because normally when I try to quit, I’m so crabby and miserable to be around, she actually buys me cigarettes…but the truth is I haven’t smoked since our first session, and don’t want a cigarette. I’m not hitting the ATM machine nearly as much as I once was, either. And I feel so much better.”   Tom W.

“I’m floored that I quit smoking after just two sessions. I feel 10 times better and even used my excess energy to clean our my closets and donate bags of clothes and books to Goodwill. My whole life has changed.”   Mary Ann O.

Smoking without weight gain.

Smoking is one of the easiest issues to work with under trance. With over ten years in private practice, I’ve literally helped thousands of people to quit smoking. In fact, at the end of just two or three sessions, you can expect to be an ex-smoker. Without irritability or cravings. Without weight gain. Without all the struggle and agony of trying to quit. Suddenly, you just won’t want a cigarette anymore. For many, it is as if they never smoked. Some report that they actually forgot about cigarettes. And many find it easy to pass on cigarettes even when they are with other smokers.

Hypnosis is, in fact, the most effective way to quit smoking. More and more studies now confirm it. (See below).

My program is based upon nearly ten years of experience in discovering what methods and techniques are the most effective for helping smokers quit. I incorporate powerful NLP and hypnosis techniques for fast, permanent results. So why continue to do things the hard way? Call today or go online to schedule your first appointment.


Hypnosis proven the most effective method for smoking cessation.

In one of the largest studies ever conducted, hypnosis was proven to be the most successful means of quitting smoking, beating out acupuncture, nicotine gum, medication, smoking clinics, smoke aversion techniques, educational programs, group withdrawal clinics and Physician Intervention and Advice, and others.

A total of 15 different methods were compared in an extensive and exhaustive study that drew from over 633 different scientific studies worldwide. This study was published in the Journal of Applied Psychology in 1992.

The actual study was conducted by Chockalingham Viswesvaran and Frank L. Schmidt at the University of Iowa. They compared the results of 633 scientific studies and the success rates achieved with 15 different methods of quitting smoking. A total of 71,806 smokers were included in these 633 studies, making it the largest study of it’s kind.

Using the techniques of meta-analysis (Hunter and Schmidt, 1990) they calculated the average success rate for each method of quitting smoking.

The average success rate for hypnosis was the highest.

Of all the programs studied, hypnosis had an average success rate of 36%, with some hypnosis programs scoring as high as 60%. Compare this to the average success rate for all other methods, just 25%. In fact, the average success rate for hypnosis was twice as high as the average success rate for programs using medication (18%) and more than twice as high as the average success rate for nicotine chewing gum (16%).

It is important to note that the success rate varied within the different programs, including hypnosis. Of the 48 smoking-cessation programs using hypnosis, involving 6020 smokers, the average success rate was 36%. Ten percent of the hypnosis programs had success rates greater than 60%.

A meta-analytic comparison of the effectiveness of smoking cessation methods.
Viswesvaran, Chockalingam; Schmidt, Frank L.
Journal of Applied Psychology. Vol 77(4), Aug 1992, 554-561. doi: 10.1037/0021-9010.77.4.554

The Journal of Applied Psychology is published by the American Psychological Association, America’s main professional association of psychologists.

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“I’ve successfully been a non-smoker now for over one year without a single relapse. Very pleased with the lasting effects. Not only that, the visualization that we chose to replace the vision of smoking has come to fruition as well.”   Dan Stummer

“No smoking at all. No cravings. I don’t even think about it anymore. No more chronic bronchitis or coughing. I also started running again and now I can run farther and longer than I ever could. I only needed once session, and haven’t smoked for over six months.”   Dana Malone

“You cured me of smoking two years ago. I wasn’t even tempted to smoke again. There were no cravings and I only needed one session. Never looked back.”   Graham S.

“I haven’t had a cigarette in over 3 weeks. They just don’t interest me anymore. Frankly, I am very surprised at the results, but also very pleased. Never thought it could be this easy. I am also more relaxed and content. I seem to deal with stress more easily.”   Betsy Grenzebach

Q. What is your success rate?
A. You’ll be pleased to discover that smoking is one of the easiest issues to work with under trance, and that the success rate is excellent. In fact, smokers are among my best source of referrals (thanks to all of you who keep touting my services!) While many people do quit after one session, two sessions are highly recommended for continued, long-term success. You may be interested to know that many doctors are now referring their patients for help in this area, based only upon what their clients have told them. I did not solicit these referrals (but am very happy to be getting them!).

Q. How does your smoking cessation program work?
A. Generally, I recommend two sessions spaced a week apart to end this habit permanently. Several studies as well as my own experience indicates that two sessions help ensure lifelong results. Recent studies indicate that, in fact, 50% of smokers can quit in one session, but that the long-term effectiveness rate goes up with multiple sessions. While it’s true that some people can quit in one session, two sessions can help to prevent relapses and the thought that “I can have just one,” which all too frequently leads to a full-blown addiction again. Two or three sessions may also be needed to help prevent weight gain.

During the first session, we can knock out about 75% to 80% of the habit. After exploring your reasons for smoking, your specific triggers, why you want to quit, we’ll do a session based on your needs, beliefs, thoughts and triggers. You will receive a complimentary CD recording of each session that you can use between our sessions. This helps to reinforce the suggestions and maintain the positive results.

During the second session, we discuss what happened and go from there. For instance, after your first session you may find that you didn’t have a cigarette all week–until you went out drinking with your friends, and then you had a smoke. Or you may not have smoked at all and feel like you quit for good, but may be a bit cranky or find that you’re eating more. Still others might find they went from over a pack a day to 3 cigarettes a day, and just want those 3 cigarettes during a coffee break. And there are always those that feel they got everything they needed in just one session.

During the second session we’d work on these situational challenges and get you on track to being an ex-smoker for life. We may also address some of the challenges that could occur, such as the fallacy that you can have “just one.” Now, some people can quit in one session, and others will require 3. Everyone is different. But for most people, two sessions is sufficient. However, if you have smoked for 25 or more years, are a heavy smoker or suspect that you have some resistance to quitting, you may want to invest in the 3-session package.

Q.What makes your program so effective?
A. I do a thorough intake of your smoking history, triggers, beliefs and thoughts associated with the habit, as well as exploring the reasons why you might smoke, such as stress, using cigarettes to relax, to comfort or reward yourself, and so on. Then I’ll use that information to craft a powerful session customized to you and you alone. I use a combination of positive countering suggestions, mental imagery and powerful Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques to help you break this habit for good. You’ll substitute a positive habit for cigarettes, break any positive associations you have with smoking, strengthen your belief in your power to quit, see yourself as an ex-smoker for life, and be given suggestions to “stay away from that first cigarette” and much more.

Q. How does hypnosis compare to lasers, the nicotine patch and gum?
A. The American Lung Association states that smoking is both a psychological habit and a physcial addiction. According to research done with lasers, they are effective 50% of the time, but only when smoking is a physiological additction. Lasers do not address the psychological habit of smoking.* Recently some very unfavorable press has come out about lasers, and CBS ran an article based on a study reporting that all claims that lasers can help people stop smoking are bogus. Apparently, the FDA is investigating these claims. The nicotine patch and gum also address the physiological addiction to nicotine, but do nothing to address the underlying psychological reasons why people smoke. Hypnosis is the only tool which reaches deep into the subconscious mind where the habit is engrained.

Once we reach the subconscious, we can simply give it new orders, such as “you’re an ex-smoker now, you reach for water instead of a cigarette, you’ve lost all desire to smoke,” and so on. Once the subconscious accepts these new suggestions, quitting smoking is easy and effortless. You are no longer fighting your own mind. You are using hypnosis to help you achieve your goals. That’s why hypnosis is so effective for smoking cessation and other bad habits. You can, of course, use hypnosis in conjunction with the nicotine gum or patch if you prefer.

Stop smoking today.

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