Drink in Moderation or not at all. You decide.

Hypnosis can help you:

  • Stop drinking aloneCropped shot of an attractive young woman enjoying a glass of wine while relaxing at home
  • Stop drinking wine nightly with dinner
  • Drink only on social occasions
  • Drink in moderation when you do go out
  • Pace yourself if you drink
  • Stop drinking completely
  • Have more fun with less alcohol

“I was shocked when you said during hypnosis that the amount of wine I was drinking nightly was the equivalent of a milkshake. That did it for me!  My days of drinking a bottle of wine every night with dinner are over, and I feel so much better. I still drink a glass or two when I’m out with friends, but that’s it. I’m sleeping much better now, and  I lost 5 pounds the first week of not drinking. What’s more, I don’t even miss the stuff. I wish I had done this years ago.” Linda S.

Hypnosis is a very effective way to control your drinking.

Maybe you started out having a glass of wine with dinner occasionally, but now it’s turning into a nightly habit. Maybe you want to drink only when you’re out socially, and then limit yourself to one or two. Or perhaps you want to quit completely. Maybe you don’t drink all that frequently, but when you do, you overdo it.

And if you’re a woman, maybe you’re concerned about weight gain, and realize you have to cut back. Whatever your reasons, it’s time to do something about it.

Hypnosis can help you to stop drinking completely or just drink socially.

This is an issue that does respond well to hypnosis. Over the years I’ve successfully worked with hundreds of clients who felt they were drinking in excess or who felt it was time to stop before they developed a dependency.

How does hypnosis work for drinking too much?

Basically, my program consists of addressing the underlying reasons why you’re drinking, starting with reducing the stress, worry and boredom that can lead to excess. Then I give you new tools to relax and unwind or comfort yourself.

All the benefits of passing on alcohol/wine and staying sober for the most part will be reinforced. Suggestions will be given that you can have more fun with less alcohol, or more fun when you’re completely clear-headed and in control.

Powerful NLP techniques, creative visualizations, time progression and other tools are used for maximum results. In some cases aversion techniques are also used.

Can hypnosis really help?

Just as with smoking and eating sweets, hypnosis can take away the desire for wine and alcohol, so that it’s easier to just say no. Hypnosis can also help you to pace yourself, stop after just one or two, and reach for water or a non-alcoholic beverage instead.

Regain Control of Your Drinking.

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If you feel that you have a serious alcohol dependency or have been diagnosed with alcoholism, a referral from your medical doctor or therapist is required prior to our session.

A Word to Women:

Women, Wine and Weight LossTM

Over the years I’ve seen so many women who want to cut back on wine because of weight gain that it merits a few words.

Many feel that their nightly habit of 2 or 3 glasses of wine is seriously interfering with their weight loss efforts, and keeping them from looking and feeling their best.

Alcohol is an appetite stimulant, and it releases inhibitions, so we not only eat more, but we make poor choices as well when we drink. Recent research published by Weight Watchers, Inc also showed that women tend to consume an extra 200 calories the day after they had something to drink.  Many women also report feeling tired and lethargic and headachy the next day.

Alcohol consumption has also been linked to an increase in liver, rectal and breast cancer.

In the Million Women Study, researchers in the United Kingdom found that middle-aged women who said they drank in moderation had a higher risk of liver, rectal, and breast cancer in the seven years after they completed the study’s questionnaire compared to women who said they drank less than two drinks per week. (The researchers didn’t compare drinkers to nondrinkers since some people stop consuming alcohol for health reasons or due to past problems with alcohol. The risks increased with consumption.

See the CNN for more information. http://www.cnn.com/2009/HEALTH/02/24/women.cancer.drinking

And now, some testimonials:

“It has been over three years since I had a session with you. I have been sober since my first session with you! Alcohol is no longer controlling my life! I listened to the tape of our session daily. With the holiday and new year upon us, I wanted to send you my sincere thanks. “                                                                                                                   Sharon L.

“I used to enjoy a 1/2 bottle of wine with my husband in the evenings, but I am pleased to tell you that I haven’t touched a glass since I last saw you‚ and haven’t even missed it. Now I’m sleeping better as well.Julie B.

I used to get so out of control at parties and events that I’d embarrass myself. Sometimes I’d meet a cute guy and I’d be slurring my words. Not very attractive. Hypnosis has helped me to pace myself and drink much less. I now have a glass of water between drinks, and it’s helped a lot!” Karen B.

“I was up to a bottle of wine a night, and I have a small toddler. I realized this had to stop. The best thing I ever did was to see you for hypnosis. I feel like I’m reconnecting with my daughter and my relationship with my husband has improved. And I feel like exercising again and to be honest, living again.” Tanya H.

Binge drinking testimonials:

“My drinking was starting to get out of control and was affecting my job and relationships. I usually binged on weekends and drank heavily during the week as well. My girlfriend said if I don’t quit she is going to break up with me. Drinking heavily runs in my family, so I was a bit skeptical about whether or not this would work, but I knew a friend who used it to quit smoking and wanted to give it a try. After our first session, I went all day Saturday without a drink. Normally I would have started around noon. Finally at 11pm at night I said to myself “well, it is Saturday night. I could have one drink.” And so I poured myself one and drank only a few sips. I really didn’t even want any more of it. This is amazing. It wasn’t like I had to argue with myself. I just didn’t want one. This is the first time in years I’ve gone over a week without a drink. I feel like I’m getting my life back. Now I want my brother to see you.” Fred S.

“I’ve gotten into a bad habit of putting away a few hard drinks every night. It hasn’t affected my work yet but I don’t want this to go any further. I feel like I have an addictive personality, so I came to see you to quit completely. Hypnosis has worked far better than I expected. I was able to quit completely after two sessions. Unbelievable. I don’t even think about drinking anymore.” Nick T.


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